Circular Design Thinking
20 April 2017 - impacthubteam

The Impact Hub concept was born from the idea that we don’t always need an office for work, brand recognition or networking effectiveness. Coworking innovation spaces will continue to reshape how office work is done just as other shared and new economy businesses are disrupting and improving network services. Coworking, Foodwaste, mobility-sharing and re-design/up-cycling of goods, CleanTech Networks and reinventing greener financial services are all vibrant examples of profitable business models in the new Circular Economy.

Saturday May 6th at the Impact Hub Bern, Sophie Bürgin of InnoArchitects and Keith Riggs of [email protected] Thinking, are giving a two hour workshop As part of the Design Festival weekend.  It will focus on how to apply Circular Design methods and systems thinking to innovate and integrate business ventures. Workshop sign-up is on the Design Festival webpage andspace is limited to 20 so sign up early.

Circular Design methodology is a co-creation project of IDEO and the Ellen MacArther Foundation released in January of this year. It is a complete system for accelerating our learning processes to work and create sustainable and scaleable businesses in the new economy. The open source platform provides the methodology, the systems thinking, tools, business canvas, supporting videos and a fast growing LinkedIn community of design and business professional to learn from.

IDEO‘s CEO Tim Brown says, «Now is the most exhilarating time to be an innovator.» I think that’s because many people are thinking about how to build integrity into their lives.  To integrate with others; work, family, re-creation and more meaningful integrating experiences in our lives is becoming the mindset to become active happy change-makers. For corporations, entrepreneurs and even start-ups there are many opportunities to reduce waste, increase efficiencies and create more lucrative services and feedback cycles. The Ellen MacArther Foundation, IDEO and many established innovation companies are leading the way in USA, Europe and in Switzerland. And we at the Impact Hub Bern have already created a vibrant business culture of learning, Innovating responsibly and cooperative development.

Curiosity, Human Centered Design, sustainability and the innovator mindset were at the core of my Industrial Design studies at California College of Art in San Francisco back in 1994 and have guided my work the last twenty-three years. It is my pleasure to support the community at the Impact Hub Bern by giving and guiding Circular Design Thinking workshops and coaching.

Register for the introduction to Circular Design on May 6 and then sign up for our next 6 part Circular Design Thinking workshop series starting Tues. 16. May.