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Be more than just a start-up! Be a talented and powerful start-up….

Start-up today ? Maybe be an “Apple” tomorrow ! Steve Jobs had great vision, and he was a leader.

By knowing you and your potential, you will be able to lead your people and your business.
Because the main reason why start-up disappear is the human factor, understand now how it goes and be ready for tomorrow.

Didier will show you how to plant the seed for a sustainable business with a good mix of theory and practice.

Didier is 49, with life as teacher, ex sales manager, now involved in agile project, talent oriented leadership, and humanology, he focus on the human factor in organizations.
Because he dare to care.

Agenda :
Icebreaker and Check-in
Systemic models and why it’s necessary to know yourself and your strength ?
What is leadership now and how to be a leader allowing your start-up to grow and to be sustainable.

Veranstalter: changeability
Rigid and box thinking structure kills creativity, generate frustration and lead to unhappiness on all social level. Fear to change is a huge source of stress. Change is inevitable! Best is to accept and adapt to be ready for tomorrow! changeability dare to care and show you how to grow

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Oct 18th
18:00 - 20:30
Be more than just a start-up! Be a talented and powerful start-up....
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