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Beyond 17 goals: thinking strategically about the 2030 Agenda

The 2030 Agenda is an invitation to think boldly about the future. Underpinning the 2030 Agenda are principles that are applicable to our work in policy, businesses and even our day to day life!

Behind all 17 universal goals, there are new ways of thinking about prosperity. For example, there is the notion of universality, with special emphasis on Leave No One Behind. There is also the principle of integrality, which invites us to think about holistic approaches beyond mere economic development. The 2030 Agenda also strengthens the need for collaborative action between different sectors of society, going beyond governmental interventions.

These are interesting concepts, but how can they be applied to make a difference in the work that we carry out? Everyone should be able to take an active role in the Agenda, so this workshop will help you to apply the ’2030 lenses’ to your work. The workshop will consist of both discussions on the key principles of the Sustainable Development Goals with examples, as well as time to apply these to your work.

Stop thinking about the SDGs as independent goals and learn how to apply the potential of the full Agenda!

The workshop will be held in English and led by Andrea Ordóñez, who is the Director of Southern Voice, a network of 50 think tanks from the Africa, Asia and Latin America. Andrea is also an international consultant who has vast experience leading training workshops and researching and informing public policies.

The entrance fee will be donated to an NGO related to SDGs. To participate, please

Veranstalter: Southern Voice
Sustainable Development Consultant. I’m also a data enthusiast and keen to foster dialogue through research!

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Jun 7th
0:00 - 0:00
Beyond 17 goals: thinking strategically about the 2030 Agenda
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