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Frauenstreik Breakfast

On June 14, 2019, women all over Switzerland will strike. This is the second women’s strike in Swiss history. In 1991, women marched on the streets to protest against the lack of recognition of unpaid work, the salary gap, sexism and violence towards women, and many other reasons.

Today, many of these claims are still relevant, as very little has been achieved in the meantime. So, here we are again, ready to strike and be heard, loud and clear. We are employees, students, housewives, managers, businesswomen, independent professionals, retired, volunteers. We come from many different countries, but we all live in Switzerland. Each of us has her own reasons to strike, but we are also supportive of other women’s struggles, even when we are not directly affected.

At Impact Hub we’ll meet for breakfast to exchange views about some of the reasons behind the Women’s Strike and we will focus in particular on equal opportunities for businesswomen, strartuppers and independent professionals. Supportive men are more than welcome to join us. We will then look at the program for the day and who wants can join any of the planned activities in the city (e.g. making noise at a certain time of the day, preparing posters for the demo at Bundesplatz etc.). At 15:30 it’s officially strike time: we stop working, we go to the streets and join all other strikers at Bundesplatz for the demo.

Please bring something to share for breakfast. Please note: the color of the day is violet, please dress accordingly. We’ll have a children’s corner on the event, so bring your child if you wish.

Sign up here (if you are on Facebook), otherwise: Just drop in.

The event will be in German and English.

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Gretel – I am part of the “Mobilizierung Arbeitsgruppe” for the women’s strike in Bern

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Jun 14th
8:30 - 10:00
Impact Hub Bern
Video Raum

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