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How a beer idea from two friends turned into a new Swiss watch brand

Roger Zahnd and Florian Kormann had a vision to make mechanical Swiss Made watches affordable for much more people by using the right distribution channels and a fairer and more transparent pricing.

It was and is clear that no one has waited for a new Swiss watch brand that wants to bring watches of the highest quality, and best price, to market without unnecessary margin proliferation.

So the question was just:»How do you manage such a project with limited private finanical ressources and without external funding?»

Crowdfunding was one answer, the other the mix of lean startup, prototyping and bootstrapping.

Roger and Florian will talk about how they did come up with the bootstrapping approach, how their journey was to build (as fast as possible) the first MVP and how and what kind of methods they used for prototyping.

After their speech there will be enough time for having exchange on their story in general, the challenges they had to and still have to face and what they have learned from their experiences.

More about Zahnd & Kormann Watches

Zahnd & Kormann Watches has been established in 2017 with launching their first watch the ZK No. 1 through a successful project on Kickstarter.com. Roger Zahnd & Florian Kormann started their adventure as complete newcomers to the watch industry and have developed everything and everyone they know by themeselves.

Target group We are addressing potential entrepreneurs as well as already active Startups, project managers in established companies, mentors, coaches, trainers, investors, etc.


6:00pm – Doors open & networking

6:30pm – Intro to Lean Startup for newcomers (feel free to arrive after this time)

7:00pm – Presentation

8.00pm – Networking

9:00pm – End

Veranstalter: Substring GmbH
Organiser team Lean Startup Bern Meetup is a community with the goal to spread knowledge and application of the Lean Startup/Running Lean/Lean Innovation approaches for Startups as well as for innovation projects in established companies in the greater Berne area. The organizers are all volunteers with high intrinsic motivation and sharing the same enthusiasm for the topic. We are working pro bono and without a boss. Our vision is to expand by launching Lean Startup Meetups in other Swiss cities. Please let us know, if you want to participate in this venture. Sponsor Impact Hub Bern is offering venue and marketing. be-advanced is our sponsor for drinks and food. In order to calculate correctly the snacks and drinks quantities, please unsubscribe if you think you are not going to come.

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Jan 30th
18:00 - 21:00
Impact Hub Bern
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