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Produce your own food with aquaponics

Do you want to eat organic and local food and produce your own food? Do you have a pioneering spirit and want to learn a new way of farming? Would you like to know if aquaponics meets your expectations and needs?
Come and discover aquaponics! After a general presentation, we will answer your questions.

Event held in EN and DE

Veranstalter: 1h2o3
We make aquaponics EASY for yousdg12. Using 90% less water than traditional agriculture, 1H2O3 Aquaponic water treatment plants are compact, modular and efficient. Without tractors to run or fertilizers to apply, you can grow, year-round, a diversity of fresh, hyper-local organic crops even if you are in a city or in a desert.

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Sep 2nd
18:30 - 20:00
Impact Hub Bern
Video Raum

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