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Ladies, take back control of your money

In this 2 hour session we will cover the basic steps to take back control over our money. From an emotional and psychological point of view and also practically.

Topics include:

* Understanding what money stories are holding us back
* How to overcome the fear of taking financial control
* How to build a new relationship with money
* The most common misunderstanding in creating wealth
* What numbers to track and understand on a regular basis
* How to take the first steps towards new money habits
* Creating an inspiring vision for our personal finances

It will mostly be me, Ann talking and we will do a few individual exercises on paper. I will also hand out the presentation and the exercises on paper so you don’t have to write everything down.

This will be a space free of judgement and open for all levels of income.

I’m looking forward to meeting you on October 9th!

Ann Söderblom

PS. Please bring the event fee in cash. To be paid before the meeting starts.


About me:

I’m not a licensed financial professional. I’m “just” a woman and mom who happens to have been interested in personal finances since a young age. As weird as it sounds I also love spreadsheets. Originally from Sweden, living in Switzerland with my husband, two young boys and our dog. My parents got divorced when I was 10 years old and my mom’s personal finances went downhill and she had to file for personal bankruptcy. This is where my drive to be financially independent comes from. My goal is to empower as many women as possible to take control of their finances.

Disclaimer: I do not recommend or sell any financial products.

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I’m a Swedish woman, working as a project manager, living in Switzerland since 10 years.

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Oct 9th
18:00 - 20:00
Ladies, take back control of your money
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