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Letting go ritual – einfach loslassen

During the afternoon of Tuesday, the 7th of November, Viktor from Ritual at Work will have a ritual installation present for all ImpactHub members to make use of. It has the purpose of helping you with letting go.

Examples of things that can be good to let go of in a professional context are projects that you have started, that you know you will never finish. As well as commitments that you have made that are no longer serving anyone.

It can also be good to let go of collaborations and roles you have been playing. You might have been an employee somewhere, and find that you are still getting ideas that are relevant for that organisation, while your new position on the outside prevents you from implementing them. Leaving you frustrated and without good ideas for the spaces in which you have a real influence. By fully letting go, you will become more available for the things you care about.

You do not have to tell anyone what you are letting go of, and the ritual will take the shape of a step-by-step process for you to engage with when and as you please. There will be instructions, a safe space, and objects for you to interact with. It is recommended that you have 30 minutes available for the process.

If the ritual sparks interest in the topic of ‘How to make rituals’, you can attend the afternoon workshop that Viktor will host at ImpactHub on Saturday 7th November: Click here.

Veranstalter: Ritual at Work
Ritual at Work is a ritual design agency based in Leipzig, Germany. Viktor is a ritual designer

Nov 3rd
13:30 - 17:30
Impact Hub Bern
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