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Paradigm shift and new Leadership? What is that, what does it mean?

Probably heard about the paradigm shift and the new leadership? What is a paradigm shift, what does it mean and what is the impact on you as employee, you as manager and/or team leader? What are the changes and how can you manage them? And how can you prepare yourself and your organisation for the shift?

I will answer those question during this 2 hours workshop.

The program
– Introduction
– What is a paradigm
– What is the impact on your daily business and life
– What change does it mean and how can you manage this change
– Conclusion
– Q&A

Price Pay as you like (min. 20.- to help cover the room cost)

Who am I
Didier, ex sales manager, I decided to initiate change in my life 2 years ago. During this very instructive period, I could gain experience in Dynamic governance, agility and positive leadership. I also trained myself in change management, coaching, intercultural communication, creative management and leadership. Now, moderating positive leadership Workshop for a big Swiss insurance.

Depending on the public, the workshop will be held in CH-DE, Français or English.

Veranstalter: changeability
Didier, ex sales manager, initiate the change in my life 2 years ago and learned a lot about the new paradigm and his social impact.

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Ticketpreis Member: Fr. 20

Feb 26th
18:00 - 20:00
Impact Hub Bern
Video Raum

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