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Product Management for Founders & Entrepreneurs

As founder or entrepreneur you might not call yourself product manager, but you are constantly working on your product or service, defining the product culture of your organization, dealing with stakeholders like investors and maybe even quickly scaling your team.

At times, you might feel like you are become a bottleneck for your business. Or you have to outsource your product development to external agencies and things are not developing the way you expected them to.

In any case, if this is your first venture (and even after that), chances are that you might face many challenges regarding finding product-market fit, prioritizing your next steps, developing a strategy, keeping your team productive while growing your company and many more.

This course is touching on many relevant areas of building a successful product organization. It is offering hands-on advice on how to set your team up for success, how to avoid pitfalls in product management and how to adapt your leadership style in a scaling start-up.

Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and founders of for-profit or non-profit organizations.

– how to work with hypothesis in different stages of product management
– choosing the right product organization for your company
– advice on how to keep a high pace even when growing your company
– what makes a customer-centric and learning organization
– tips on how to recruit and develop a product team for your organization
– success factors for working with external agencies
– common pitfalls and how to avoid them

– practice and discuss how to develop and validate hypothesis
– look at different phases, skills and roles in product management
– reflect on what product management looks like in your company and where it is headed
– discuss and compare different types of organizational structure
– openly discuss potential pitfalls, how to spot and how to deal with them in order to keep your pace high

– self-assessment on a skills map
– stating hypothesis for your business
– feedback on your most pressing issues in product management

Individual Follow-up Coaching Option:
To maximize the value of this course for your organization, we offer an additional follow-up coaching (60 minutes, remote) just for you or your team a couple of weeks after the course. That way, you get to ask all the questions that might have popped up once you tried implementing what you learned in this course. We are going to contact you to set the specific date for your individual follow-up.

The follow-up coaching is available for CHF 350 and includes 30 minutes of preparation for your specific questions or documents (sent upfront) and 60 minutes of remote coaching via video call for you or your entire product team.

You can book the Follow-up Coaching Option in our booking form once you proceed to the checkout.

All participants will receive a Product Academy Certificate for this course.

Coffee breaks with snacks are included. There will be a 45 minute lunch break that we can spend together or you can spend it on your own. Please bring your own lunch.

Veranstalter: Product Academy
Product Academy is offering hands-on training and coaching for product people who want to learn from experienced international product leaders in order to take their product skills to the next level and build a truly customer-centric and learning organisation.

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Nov 4th
10:00 - 15:00
Impact Hub Bern
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