Your 2019 Vision Board with DrivenWoman

Start the New Year with a great vision!

DrivenWoman invites you to a special edition of our regular LifeWorking workshops. Every January, we work on our vision for the year and beyond. We let our rational mind and subconscious work together to choose pictures that inspire us, that we “feel” mean something to us, or that we already consciously know represent the dreams we want to achieve. The result is always a great artwork!

How will this exercise be useful to you? First, it may show you something you don’t rationally “know” yet. For example, you may choose a picture of a butterfly, without knowing why, just because it inspires you. Later, during the year, you will look at that image over and over again. That butterfly may influence your dreams, your goals or even your actions. At some point, you may rationally understand why that image has inspired you and you will learn something important about yourself. Second, it will visualize a dream or a goal that you have already rationalized. In this way, your dream or goal (for example, the image of a book you have always wanted to write) will look at you every single day and you won’t be allowed to close it in a drawer and forget about it (because the vision board is too big to be closed in a drawer;-) Hopefully, this will help you take action to make that dream come true.

I promise: it will be a lot of fun, but I need your collaboration. Please start collecting glossy magazines of any kind. The more varied magazines the better – fashion, home, business, boating, gardening, food, travel – anything! All magazines will be placed on a pile and used to create the vision boards, so don’t bring something you want to keep as these magazines will get destroyed.

During the last half hour, I will briefly walk you through DrivenWoman: what it is, how it helps women like you, how it works in detail. (If you have already attended an introduction meeting before, you can of course decide to skip this part:-)
Any questions? Ask Gretel (Driven Woman Group Leader in Bern) at ggambarelli@gmail.com

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DrivenWoman is an international women’s network with the mission of helping women achieve their goals. There are groups in many cities in the world, including in Bern, who meet monthly to work on their dreams and practical steps to realize them. Gretel is DrivenWoman Group Leader in Bern.

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Date & Time

Januar 22 | 18:00 to 20:30


Impact Hub Bern


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: 21

Cost for Non Members: 42

Updated on 17 Januar 2019