Imverse: Swiss Startup took the step to the Valley
2 December 2017 - impacthubteam

The startup IMVERSE can transform your single 360-degree 2D picture from any commercial camera into a 3D virtual environment with independent objects. A DART 17 Interview with Javier Bello, CEO and Co-Founder of Imverse


What is Imverse?

IMVERSE is a spin-off from EPFL developing software and providing services for photorealistic mixed reality (MR) content creation. Our volumetric solutions reduce the time and money spent on pre-production phases of virtual reality (VR) movies and Hollywood movies by a factor of ten. This is only possible thanks to our proprietary rendering and simulation engine, and our easy and fast process to transform a single 360-degree 2D picture, from any commercial camera, into a 3D room-scale experience with independent objects and real-time visual effects.

How did Imverse come to be?

The idea of founding Imverse was brewed at the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience. Robin Mange, CTO and co-founder, was developing a platform to create experiments in VR accessible to neuropsychologists without technical skills for testing protocols in record time. This lab research especially targets brain mechanisms of body perception and body awareness in ecological conditions. We were among the first to solve the problem of integrating your body in real-time into photorealistic mixed reality settings which was essential to the research. Subsequently we decided to use the knowledge to empower not only scientists but artists all over the world to create content for VR and MR.


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Only a month after the launch you joined the DART 17 program. What is DART 17?

DART 17 is a testing lab in Silicon Valley for designers, artists, researchers and technologists. Startups in an early stage can come for up to three months to experiment, test their prototypes on the market and get connected to key industry players and investors.

What was the impact did DART 17 have on Imverse?

The time in Silicon Valley was great, it gave us the opportunity to meet with many VR studios working in photorealistic content and discover their needs and problems in the production. It allowed us to visit hardware companies as well as to set up possible collaborations. DART 17 has been a key driver of our progress, its extensive network has helped us a lot to establish these valuable meetings and we have received wonderful advice about our business strategy.

What is your vision for the future of Imverse?

Our vision is to democratize virtual and mixed reality production to allow anyone, without technical skills or big budgets, to create interactive experiences. We believe, that our unique voxel-based graphics engine will be the future for 3D graphics and Mixed Reality.