Why do we build an Impact Hub in Bern?
11 May 2016 - impacthubteam

Bern is the capital of Switzerland, and has many different actors, players, institutions and initiatives, both from the governmental and private sector. Furthermore, there are the universities of applied sciences as well as the third largest full-stack swiss university located in the city. What is missing is a central location, where all the diverse initiatives of various sizes can melt into one big community – a space, where such a vibrant community can grow and result in a larger whole than when acting on diverse locations and not as well connected. Moreover, the Impact Hub in Bern is (not only physically) extremely close to the House of Parliaments and all the NGO / associations that have their offices in Bern. This represents an unique opportunity for the Impact Hub Bern and for the whole Impact Hub network in all of Switzerland to foster innovation and social entrepreneurship in close cooperation with the governmental administration and its surroundings