Process and our timeline
18 May 2016 - impacthubteam

Our team has already been working on this project since the end of last year where the idea to build an Impact Hub in Bern emerged during the Startup Weekend on the lovely Gurten mountain. We worked hard and expanded our team up to six people willing to take on the challenging task to initiate this project. We want to give you a quick overview of important milestones that we already reached and important next steps that we need to tackle in the following weeks and months.

In the last few months we started to connect with social entrepreneurs, startups, big companies, freelancers, change makers and many more in Bern and tell them about what we are trying to do. The feedback was overwhelming as everyone seemed to be interested in being a part in this.

As one of our first steps we founded a company called Hub Bern AG to get the legal foundation for this project. An exciting milestone for us!

After that we became the official Impact Hub Candidate for Bern. If a team wants to become an official Impact Hub they have to pass several stages to get the official license. This involves a lot of work but is really fun to do and helps us to create a working business plan, understand the local market as well every aspect of the Impact Hub brand. We are working really hard on this to be an official Impact Hub when we start this off! If you want to read some more about the process to create an Impact Hub, there is tons of information on the makers website.

Key to success for a vibrant community and a great Impact Hub is a centrally located and inspiring space. Our team was already successful in securing a top notch location right next to the railway station in the old town of Bern. Many of you will know it as the old Krompholz building. The space has 600 square meters over three floors and combines different kind of rooms for a lot of cool concepts to create an inspiring atmosphere for our community. We will update you in the coming weeks what we will do with it!

So when are we going to launch? Starting from October this year we want to start our Prototype space where you will already be able to become a member. The official Hub experience will come a few months later! So stay tuned and let us know what you would love to see in the upcoming Impact Hub Bern.