The Team behind Impact Hub Bern
12 May 2016 - impacthubteam


(from left to right)

  • Rolf Arni
    Co-Founder – Legal, Finance & Financial Business Development
  • Miriam Gantert
    Co-Founder – Management, Operations & Lead Host
  • Raphael Reber
    Co-Founder – User Experience, Space Design, Events & Business Development
  • Frederike Asael
    Co-Founder – Community Manager, Events & Public Relations
  • Christoph Jenny
    Co-Founder – Programs for Education, Business Development & Infrastructure
  • Nino Müller
    Co-Founder – Programs for Business & Business Development

Our team is strongly connected in the startup scene in Bern and many of us are entrepreneurs, founders or self-employed. Rolf, Raphael and Chris have experience with coworking as they started their own places around the old city of Bern. Frederike spent a lot of time in the lovely ImpactHub of Zürich where she learned how important a strong and vibrant community can be. She knows exactly what is helpful to startups and young entrepreneurs. Miriam and Nino have lots of experience with project management and working together with big companies. Many of our team members are active in different projects where they get lots of experience in the topics community building, event organisation and many more of the important aspects to build a great ImpactHub in Bern.

Our long-term vision is to create a sustainable environment to let the startup and social entrepreneur spirit grow in Bern. We think that it is essential to have a team with different backgrounds but also knowledge of what it really means to be in a startup or to found a company.